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Regular Sessions

We run group sessions, for all ages every Saturday morning 10-12.
Everyone is split into groups based on age and ability, though parents may choose to stay in the same group as their children.
Minimum age changes from 8+ to 13+ from the 4th November. Personal wet-suits are required from this date. These changes will last until April 2018.
Saturday sessions primarily take place in kayaks and are designed to help you achieve your 1* and 2* awards with British Canoeing.
If you would like to come this Saturday you are more than welcome.
It is £6 for a child non-member, £5 for a member. 
It is £12 for ages 18-25, £10 for a member
It is £20 for ages 25+ non-member, £15 for a member. 
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Group Kayak Sessions

Holiday Sessions

We often run holiday or 'have a go' sessions during school holidays.
Our prices for adults for these sessions are significantly cheaper as well, so take the opportunity while it’s there!
Currently there are no Have a Go sessions planned. Our next session is likely to be in April 2018.

Ready for the Sea?

Sea Journeys can be wild and unpredictable. Navigating waves and deep waters, these events are designed to challenge you to take your kayaking to the next level. 
If you would like to achieve your 3* Sea award with British Canoeing, this is the perfect opportunity for you.
Kayaking on the sea is an advanced skill suitable for those who have achieved their 2 star award with us (you can achieve this by attending our Saturday morning sessions). 
Our next Sea Journey is:
25th November 10am-3pm
Sea 3 Star Award
Kayak Level 2 Coach Course

1:1 Sessions

Our 1:1 sessions are perfect for you to learn skills quickly. You will receive the full attention of our British Canoeing qualified instructors, who will guide you every step of the way to achieving your personal goals.
Each of our coaches are highly specialised in particular disciplines, so we are able to provide you with the right coach to teach you the skills you want to learn.
1:1 kayaking and canoeing sessions can take place on the canal, or if you are already a proficient paddler, on the sea.
1:1 sessions typically cost £25 per hour and last 2 hours.
We can also facilitate 1:2 or 1:3 sessions if you would like to bring a friend or two.

Join the Community

Adult Membership at this stage in the year is £25  and lasts till the end of December 2017. Children's Membership is £10. Benefits include:
- Permission to go without an instructor on the Royal Military Canal, with your own kayak or canoe.
- Discounts on all sessions at Seapoint Canoe Centre.
- Be the first to learn about latest events and news at Seapoint Canoe Centre.
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